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They call me DIRECTOR SHADOWSKILL because of the innovative ways I film, document and create media for professional entertainers.

The Funniest in Philadelphia in Photos
by Alexandria Soto on

Special FX Video Tests Enjoy!
by Alexandria Soto on

HoneyChrome Cross Directed by ShadowSkill
by Alexandria Soto on

Chi LittleWolf vs. ShadowSkill
by Alexandria Soto on

Directed by ShadowSkill

Featured Artist Jay LLoyd
Please email me at chi.musicrev@gmail.com I can be contacted regarding digital video, artist shadowing, cover art or music videos. I also service Indie to Major label artists who are in need of custom camera movement and lighting.
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Chi is Director ShadowSkill

I publish Art and Media under the alias' Chi LittleWolf and Director ShadowSkill. Chi is the performer ShadowSkill is the director and we are one. My career goals are to never limit myself in art. To learn as many things as possible. To be one of the greatest Directors..Artists..Performers that ever did it. To travel the world shadowing the most unique artists out there. To perform my own performance arts on stages with the greatest of them. I've got that Toni Basil / Frida Khalo attitude. And you can't tell me anything. I've been doing this for a long time. Before it was cool and long after it is not trendy to be an artist, I will still be here.
You asked for the Guardian back here by name. And now Here I am.